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Tripura Rural Development Department, Check All Schemes

Through its many different programmes and activities, the Department of Rural Development, Tripura is leading the charge to abolish rural poverty. It does this by reaching out to the most marginalised members of society and offering them employment opportunities, whether in the form of wage work or self-employment.

In addition to this, the Department is responsible for maintaining and improving the infrastructure associated with its life support systems.

In addition to the provision of fundamental facilities and services, the Rural Development Department is accountable for the implementation of various programmes that are funded by the state, sponsored by the central government, and assisted by outside organisations in order to reduce poverty, increase employment opportunities, improve sanitation, increase capacity, and empower women in social and economic spheres.


Tripura Rural Development Department Schemes

Rural Employment

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Initiative (MGNREGS) was conceived as a way to provide statutory support for the scheme. In September 2005, the scheme was formalised in the form of an Act in the Parliament of India.

Every household in a rural area that has adult members who are willing to volunteer their time to perform unskilled manual labour is eligible to receive at least one hundred days of guaranteed wage employment during the course of a single fiscal year under the terms of the Act. This is done with the intention of bolstering the financial stability of households living in rural areas.


The primary objective of the Scheme is to increase wage employment, and the auxiliary aim is to improve natural resource management through works that address causes of severe poverty like drought, deforestation, soil erosion, etc and thus encourage sustainable development. Both of these objectives are added to the primary objective of increasing wage employment.

Housing Scheme

Tripura is a landlocked state that is completely bordered on all sides by Bangladesh. The length of its international border with Bangladesh is 856 kilometres, while its borders with Assam and Mizoram each measure 53 and 109 kilometres respectively. The state is located in areas that are particularly prone to natural disasters and are in seismic zone V.

Following closely behind Assam in terms of population density is the state of Tripura, which is located in the North-Eastern region of the United States.

Although it is the third smallest state in terms of area in the country after Goa and Sikkim, the provisional population of Tripura Census-2011 was 36,71,032, and it also shows that the State ranks 18th position in terms of density of population. This is despite the fact that it is the largest State in terms of population. In terms of both total population and population density, Tripura is the second most populated state in the North Eastern region of India, behind only Assam.


The Programme: Clusters of settlement in rural areas that have the potential to evolve into semi-urban areas are recognized and developed as Rurban Clusters under the National Rural Urban Mission (NRuM). This development involves the supply of economic, social, and physical infrastructure facilities.

Administrative Setup: Under this initiative, there has been no separate hiring of staff members. At the state level, there is something called the State Level Empowered Committee (SLEC), which is led by the Chief Secretary and is made up of the Secretaries of several departments.

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