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How to Install BGMI in iPhone after BGMI Ban in India? Easy Trick 100% Working

Download BGMI on iPhone after BGMI Ban in India. BGMI Working in iPhone Latest Working Trick:

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a mobile game that suddenly became one of the most installed applications on both IOS & Android devices. Almost every Indian between the age group of 18-30 must have played the game. As we know the Government of India recently banned many chines apps and BGMI was one of them.

But the BGMI still working perfectly without any server issues. Due to the ban, BGMI was removed from both Google & App Store. If we talk about android devices there are many tricks using them one can easily Download BGMI but what about IOS users? Today we are going to reveal a secret trick following you can Download BGMI on iPhone after BGMI Ban in India.

Download BGMI in iPhone (iOS) after getting Ban in India


You need an Apple ID that has already downloaded BGMI in order to install BGMI on your Apple devices. Even though the game has been taken down from the App Store, you may easily re-download BGMI if you’ve already done so.

As you can see, neither my iPhone 13 nor the App Store list BGMI as a downloadable app. Let’s look at how to do it on an iPhone.

Step 1: Click on Profile Phone in App Store

Go to the Today section in App Store. Your Profile phone is located on the top-right side of that. Simply press the button.

Step 2: Go to the Purchased Section in App Store Account

Now, if you’ve ever downloaded BGMI using that Apple ID on your iPhone device, it will be displayed in the Purchased Section. Whether you now have BGMI erased on your iPhone. It’ll continue to appear in the Purchased Sections.

Step 3: Search for BGMI in the Purchased Section

It will be displayed here if you have ever downloaded or purchased UC or any other things from BGMI. Once you’ve located Battlegrounds Mobile India, select the Download button on the right side of the page.

Step 4: Download BGMI on your iPhone

Once you click the Download option on the right side of the screen, Battlegrounds Mobile India will begin to download to your iPhone.

Hope you have gotten the trick. This trick is working all over India. If you are still facing any type of issue while downloading the BGMI on iPhone you can ask your query using the comment box added in the later part of the article. 

Download BGMI in IOS – FAQs

Can we install BGMI in iOS?

Yes, users can download BGMI in IOS.

How do I download PUBG BGMI on my iPhone?

By changing their country region in the Apple App Store users can easily download BGMI on iPhone.

What is the update size of BGMI in iOS?

It totally depends on the update.

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